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What to expect on exam results day

Whether you’re hoping to go on to sixth form, college, or university, results day is a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and stress. But it’s important to keep a clear head, so here’s what to expect on the exam results day.

Prepare for the day ahead

As boring as a good night’s sleep and proper breakfast sounds – making sure you get them, is really important when it comes to results day. Have a clear head and full tummy so you’ll be ready to face whatever you see when you open that envelope.

When you set off to get your results, take your phone so you can tell people how you’ve got on. You might also find it handy to have a pen, some paper and a few tissues.

How will I get my results?

You can to collect your GCSE results from school or college in person, or you can arrange to have them posted to you if you’re going to be away. If you prefer to nominate someone else to collect your results, you’ll have to organise this with your school beforehand.

With A-levels you can find out if you’ve been accepted by your first-choice university by logging into UCAS Track.  But although UCAS Track will tell you if you’ve been accepted, it won’t tell you what grades you got. In some cases, the university might confirm your place even if you didn’t quite get the conditional results you needed, so you’ll still have to collect them in person.

Where should I open them?

Finding out your GCSE or A-level grades is a very personal moment. You might not want to share your initial reaction with everyone around you – and that’s ok.

Don’t feel you have to rip open the envelope there and then. If you’re nervous or want some privacy, take yourself off somewhere quiet and take your time. On the flip side, if you just can’t wait to find out what you’ve got, remember that not everyone will feel the same way. They may not get the results they want (or need) so tread gently with disappointed friends and fellow students.

What do I do with my results?

If you’ve got the GCSE grades you need to get in to sixth form college, then you’ll need to confirm your place. With A-levels, your preferred university choice will already have been told of your grades. They will send you a notification via UCAS Track as to whether you’ve been accepted.

If your GCSE or A-level exam results are better than you were expecting  you may want to explore other opportunities. Speak to your school or preferred university about alternative subject options. Alternatively,  ring around other sixth forms and colleges. You can also find other degree courses and universities using the UCAS Adjustment service

I didn’t get the exam results I wanted – what should I do?

Don’t panic. You still have options so it’s important to stay calm and focused on what it is you want to achieve. Whilst it might feel like the end of the world – it really isn’t. Our blog on what to do if it doesn’t quite go to plan outlines what your options are.

Summer celebrations

If you’ve got the exam results and grades you need and your future at college or university is secure. You’ll be ready for some well-earned celebration. But before you start cheering, just double check that everyone around you is just as happy, so that you don’t unwittingly upset anyone.

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Last Updated on December 7, 2021

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