Maths Tutoring

Maths is a core skill, necessary for success in both other subjects and many aspects of adult life. However, for many students the subject is a mystery that is full of wholly unnecessary but, nonetheless, very real fear.

Here at the Community Schools we specialise in taking the fear out of maths. We check and ensure that each student fully understands the basic concepts. Then we support students in gaining competence in the basic skills. This, in turn, builds up confidence in their own mathematical ability. In our non-threatening environment students are encouraged to ‘have a go’ and to learn from their mistakes. The ‘can’t get this’ quickly changes to ‘can’t get this yet’ and onwards to several lightbulb moments.

Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace. They work in their preferred learning style and ask as many questions as they need to. Many enjoy the use of our mini white boards and our practical equipment.

The students aiming at the very top grades enjoy the rigour and the challenge that our experienced maths teachers can provide. They appreciate the expert revision and examination advice that is part of the tutoring.

Both our Online and Face to Face sessions include time and space for each student to think and work independently. In fact, most maths sessions will begin with a Starter Activity. This allows them to revise their basic skills and to get in the ‘learning zone’ for the session.

All our students are taught as individuals. This enables them to become the best mathematician they can be and confident in their mathematical skills.


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