Face to Face Tutoring

The three Community Schools Learning Centres re-opened in September 2021 for Face to Face tutoring sessions. We now have full “Covid-Secure” measures in place (Please see below).

The Community Schools tuition is delivered in three 10 week terms. Each student signs up for just one term of tutoring and has the “first refusal” choice of continuing. 

All Community Schools Tutors are fully qualified and highly experienced, DBS checked classroom teachers. They are all teachers, passionate about supporting students to realise their true potential.

Whilst we can offer individual private sessions, most of our Face to Face tutoring is delivered on our unique shared tutoring model. This provides the most effective and affordable support. Each tutor works with no more than three students of similar ability. This model of tutoring has proved to be very successful. It enables each student to receive individual tutoring whilst having the time to think and to work independently. The tutor’s time is shared, whilst enabling each student to receive the important one to one tutoring support they need.

At the start of each term of 10 teaching weeks the tutor informally assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each student. From this, a programme to enable the student to progress is devised. However, there is much flexibility and the tutor is able to support the student with school work should it be needed.

Occasionally we can provide individual private one to two tutoring sessions upon request. This is more usual with our A level Students.

Your tutoring fees are focused on tutoring the student. If requested, written feedback on the student’s progress is provided at the end of each five week teaching block. More frequent parental feedback is a chargeable time based service.

“Covid-Secure” Measures

At each of our Learning Centres we have introduced working practice rules to keep both our Students and Tutors safe. These include:

  • No waiting inside before the tutoring sessions. 
  • One-way systems of entry and exit where possible. 
  • Hand sanitisers to be used on entry and exit from the teaching room. 
  • One tutor working with two students. 
  • Each Student to have their own desk with a clear Perspex screen between the student and tutor. 
  • No sharing of equipment, each student to be responsible for their own stationary, which we can provide for them.  
  • Disposable paper coverings for the desks that are replaced after each session.

During the 15 minutes between tutoring sessions, all hard surfaces, door handles are wiped down with antiseptic wipes. All soft furnishings are sprayed with disinfectant.

Please follow the link below to see a video demonstrating our Covid Secure measures.