English Tutoring – Language and Literature

Students who lack confidence in English language will struggle and under-perform in other subjects both throughout their education and beyond school into adult life. Every young person deserves better and support to gain confidence.

The Community Schools enjoy seeing students thrive. We welcome the opportunity to intervene at the earliest stage possible, to boost our students’ confidence in English. We have a strong performance record of helping students to develop a love of English leaving fear as a distant memory. This allows them to form a strong foundation for success in each of their English Language and English Literature GCSE, other subjects and adult life.

Our tutors recognise that at GCSE English, lessons in school can be a high-pressure environment. Very often, English teachers are required to cover a phenomenal amount of material in a short period of time. This can leave little opportunity for individual or one-to-one support within a class of about thirty students. As we know, a good grade in GCSE English is an entry requirement to many higher education courses and jobs. Many students simply need a little more individual attention to achieve the success that is well within their capability.

Courses Available

We offer courses to support GCSE studies for all abilities in a relaxing environment, away from the pressure of the classroom. We specialise in helping students to gain confidence and understanding in an enjoyable way. Our tutors can support students with both English Language and English Literature. 

Students who choose to study English at A Level generally find the jump up from GCSE is significant. Students are expected to engage more actively in private study. They are also dealing with far more complex subject matter. It is demanding for anyone, and some students can find the higher demands not just a surprise but overwhelming. 

The Community Schools offer A Level English tuition that runs alongside the A-level course delivered in school. It helps those who struggle to grasp the concepts quickly enabling them to thrive. It also helps those needing a top grade to stretch themselves and achieve their full potential. Both English Language and English Literature courses are available.

Teaching is structured around each student’s needs.



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