Home Schooling Support

The Community Schools has always been proud to support home schooled students within our normal shared tutoring sessions at one of our Learning Centres. During the Covid 19 lockdown we moved our support online. Going forward, we will continue to offer both face-to-face and online support.

Throughout Lockdown we were glad to support our students and parents home schooling with our home tutoring online sessions and free advice.

We are thrilled to have developed a successful extension to our provision, at an affordable cost for students who receive home schooling. Our new online Course – Home Tutoring Online Classroom provide both structure and high-quality teaching. Each week home tutored students will attend two 60 mins lessons and receive a one to one tutorial with the tutor. 

We are also proud to have launched a new FaceBook group to support all of our registered students and parents, Online & Face to Face Tutoring by The Community Schools.  In this we will provide summaries of the key current facts in education, offer a chance to have your questions answered and provide free video lessons on key concepts. Group members can request additional content or advice.

Claire Meadows-Smith providing tutoring to students at home


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