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The International Community Schools welcomes students from around the world who want to learn the English language from a British native speaker who understands their culture and needs.

The Community Schools enjoy seeing students thrive. We welcome the opportunity to teach students new to English and to boost our students’ confidence. We have a strong performance record of helping students to develop a love of English, leaving fear as a distant memory. This allows them to form a strong foundation for success in both of their English Language learning and other subjects learned in their native language.

Courses Available

We offer courses to suit the needs of the individual. We specialise in helping students to gain confidence and understanding in an enjoyable way.

We offer courses for all abilities in a relaxing environment, away from the pressure of the classroom. Our tutors can support students with both written and spoken English. Here are some of the things we can help with:

TOEFL – the most common academic English worldwide. It´s the test is most recognisable for Amercian University admissions.

IELTS– Is more common for UK university admissions and visa requirements.

Cambridge– Develop the four key language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening level by level.

Trinity– focus on the key communication tool of speaking. 

Conversational – the most important thing about learning English is learning to how to speak to speakers of that language. Learn from a native teacher with native pronunciation.

Project based learning- learn through interesting topics such as reading classic literature or writing your own detective novel. Learn about English through current up to date topics that are interesting to you as a student.

What our students get from The Community Schools.

In our classes, students receive undivided attention for the duration of their classes. All our lesson content is tailor made based on our students’ needs and interests.  Students also have the option to receive homework and detailed feedback on their work and have the option to leave questions for their tutor to answer outside of class.

Our tutors recognise that studying for a qualification in English at school can be a high-pressure environment. Very often, English teachers are required to cover a phenomenal amount of material in a short period of time. This can leave little opportunity for individual or one-to-one support within a class of many students.

With this highly student-centric approach to language learning, we are sure that our students will achieve the success that is well within their capacity.

English lessons taking place at one of our centres


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