Why choose The Community Schools?

The Community Schools are a cooperative of successful classroom teachers who are passionate about supporting their students to discover the joy of learning and to achieve at or above their potential. We all love our teaching and find it to be a privilege to work closely with our students, teaching them as individuals within a small group to achieve far more for them than we can within a larger school class.

Our differences

  • All our tutors are experienced and successful classroom teachers
  • Face to Face and Online Tutoring
  • Shared Tutoring (maximum of three students) and One to One Tutoring
  • Students commit to a term of 10 weekly sessions
  • Successfully supporting students for 10 years
  • Students achieve and most often exceed predicted grades
  • Affordable Prices
  • Summer School and Grade Booster Revision are available during the holidays

How can we help your child?

  • Improve their understanding
  • Build confidence
  • Boost student grades
  • Foster the joy of learning

Community Schools students invariably become happier people as their achievements and confidence grow.

Applications for our Face to Face and Online courses are currently open. We allocate places on a first come first served basis, but welcome students signing up part way through the term.

Please apply as soon as you can we would be glad to help.

Claire Meadows-Smith, Principal

Claire Meadows-Smith

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