Not for Profit Company

We are The Community Schools CIC, registered in England as a Community Interest Company. By law and constitution we cannot distribute profits to shareholders. Instead, any surplus is used for the benefit of helping the young people in our community with their education.

We are here to serve you, the community we live and work in.

As a not-for-profit cooperative of teachers, we have come together on a voluntarily basis to meet the educational and social needs of local school children suffering any kind of achievement deficit, including the needs of both the least and most able students. This cooperative was set up by fully qualified and experienced classroom teachers who see first-hand the deficits in achievement our children suffer and the exploitation of parental concern by big business tutoring who use unqualified tutors at low pay rates to deliver large dividends to shareholders. The Community Schools offer a better way. The best teachers at fair rates of pay and the lowest possible costs to both hard-pressed parents and budget-squeezed schools. 

Our primary goal is not to generate profit but to serve the interests of the children in our community.

Here are some key aspects of our, actually your community, cooperative:

Shared Resources and Expertise: Teachers pool their resources, expertise, and experience to support out of school educational needs. This involves sharing teaching materials, lesson plans, best practices, and innovative teaching methods.

Collaborative Learning Environment: The cooperative fosters a collaborative learning environment where teachers engage in workshops, seminars, and training sessions conducted by their peers or external experts to facilitates ongoing professional development.

Support and Advocacy: The cooperative provides teachers with better working conditions, fair compensation, and the opportunity to practice their professional skills for the benefit of the community.

Resource Mobilisation: We engage in fundraising efforts and seek grants to support our initiatives, such as providing scholarships for under-provided student education and offering resources to underprivileged students.

Community Engagement: Our cooperative extends its services beyond its members to the wider community by organising educational outreach programs, volunteering, and providing educational support to disadvantaged students in collaboration with local schools.

Democratic Governance: The Community Schools is governed by a board of directors and operates democratically, with decisions made collectively. Members have equal voting rights, and major decisions are made with consensus.

Ethical Principles: As a not-for-profit entity, the cooperative operates based on ethical principles, ensuring transparency in its operations, financial management, and adherence to its mission.

Networking Opportunities: The Community Schools provides networking opportunities for teachers to connect, share experiences, collaborate on projects, and build a supportive professional network.

Continual Improvement: Our cooperative focuses on continuous improvement in teaching methodologies, pedagogy, and staying updated with the latest educational trends and research.

Membership and Participation: Teachers voluntarily join the cooperative and actively participate in its activities, contributing their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the collective.

Overall, our not-for-profit cooperative of teachers embodies collaboration, support, and a commitment to advancing education while fostering a sense of community among experienced and qualified teachers.


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