Key Stage 2

The Community Schools tuition for our Key Stage 2 students focuses on improving the essential skills of maths and English. We work with students from aged 8 upwards.

As students mature at different ages, we find that sometimes they miss out on their early basic skills. This can cause them to lose confidence and enjoyment in their maths and English. This will then have a detrimental effect on them as they progress through secondary school

At the Community Schools we specialise in enabling students to build up their foundation skills and understanding. This helps them to enjoy their learning, and where necessary to regain confidence. 

Each student is tutored as an individual within a group of two or three students sharing the time of the tutor. They will receive fun, practical, and effective tutoring. This enables our students’ skills and confidence to improve so that success in assessments will follow. We work with students sitting their Key Stage 2 SATs or Entrance exams.

The term is 10 weekly sessions of 75 minutes.

Subjects offered: Maths, English, combined Maths/English

Enrol today by completing our registration form, or contact Claire for more information.

Key Stage 2tutoring taking place at one of our learning centre


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