GCSE Exam Resit Courses

Our popular Autumn course which runs for 10 weeks giving students a boost to their GCSE Resit Exam Revision

Before the start of the GCSE Exam Resit course there will be a Free introductory online trial/consultation session with the tutor to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each student and the topics and skills that they would like to cover. 

The “Grade Booster” courses preparing for the November GCSE exams begin in the first week of September for 10 weeks. 

Course Content

“Grade Booster” revision courses revisit the key topics/skills necessary for achieving success at GCSE level 4/5 and have a strong focus on both revision techniques and exam practice.  

 Subjects available:-  Maths, English 

 Weekly programme per subject 

Each week the tutoring programme will be as follows:

  • Two 60 minute shared lessons on different days with the tutor via our digital classroom *
  • A set of consolidation questions set by the tutor for the students to work on individually
  • Each student will also receive a 15 minute personal 1-2-1- tutorial to both celebrate achievement and to help focus on key areas for development.

Over the week the students will have access to a total of 2 ¼ hours of tutoring.

Total Privacy

*  Please note that complete anonymity is assured for students during our Home Tutoring Online Sessions. Our digital classroom is designed so that students are unable to see or hear each other, only the tutor. So for students worried about being with other students, and those who are shy or feel worried about speaking aloud, we would like to reassure them that their work and words will be completely private to them. 

Enrol today by completing our registration form, or contact Claire for more information.