Computer Science Tutoring

The GCSE Computer Science course is a weekly class that runs alongside the GCSE and A Level courses delivered in school. It helps those who have struggled with basic skills catch up and thrive. It helps those needing a top grade to stretch themselves and achieve their full potential. Theoretical materials are taught alongside, and often exemplified practically through, practical coding in Python.

GCSE and A Level Computer Science encourages students to become independent, creative problem solvers through the use of computational thinking which includes the skills of abstraction, decomposition and logic. The subject has strong links with mathematics, physical and design technology. 

The courses covers a wide range of subjects which include: algorithms, and data representation, programming, Boolean Logic, systems architecture, memory and storage, networks infrastructure, protocols and security, systems’ software, and ethical, legal, cultural and environmental impact of computing.

The teaching will be structured around each student’s needs.

Students attending sessions at Stowmarket


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