A Level Maths Summer Refresher Course

Suitable for:

  • Students about to start yr 13 A level Maths.
  • Students looking to review year 12 A level Maths subject material.
  • Students studying any exam board.
  • Students who want a great Head start to their yr 13 A Level Maths course

Course Description:

Online course – within Google Classrooms

9.30am to 4.30pm with Registration from 9.15am

There will be a 1-hour lunch break and two short breaks in the morning and afternoon.

£100 per day or £350 for all 4 days

The tutor will guide students through all the content they should have covered in Year 12, refreshing knowledge of content which may have been forgotten over the summer. Any gaps in learning which may hinder progress in Year 13 will be identified and addressed by the tutor. Once topics have been covered, the tutor will go through past paper questions to consolidate knowledge and practice


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