Summer School – Face to Face Tuition

Summer School Courses – “Get Ahead for September”

The issue of “summer holidays learning loss” is increasingly well documented. Research shows an average 1% loss for each of the seven weeks of school holidays, and a full week back at school to recover the loss from each week of the holidays.

At the Community Schools we offer a choice of either face-to-face or online Summer School courses to help students Get Ahead for September.

“Get Ahead for September” courses are designed to help students fill any knowledge gaps. This gives them a firm foundation for starting their next academic year. The courses will cover the key topics that students need to know going forward. It will also address any areas that cause students difficulty with each student being tutored as an individual.

Before the start of the course there will be an opportunity to register for a free online session with the tutor. This helps to determine which topics and skills the student would like to cover.

“Get Ahead for September” – Face to Face Courses at Bury St Edmunds 

Our Summer School face-to-face sessions are held in small groups of no more than 4 students throughout August.

These are five day courses with one 75 minute session each day, Monday to Friday. The courses are designed for students in all year groups from Year 4 through to year 13. 

At Key Stage 2 we offer combined maths/English. At all other school years, the tutoring is offered on a single subject basis. 

Subjects available: Maths, English Language or Literature and Sciences 

Location: All face-to-face sessions take place at ASK House, our Bury St Edmunds Learning Centre. 

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