Safeguarding Guide for Students

We believe that all our students have an absolute right to a childhood free from abuse, neglect and
exploitation. All tutors working with the Community Schools have a duty to safeguard and promote
the welfare of the students that we work with.
You should feel comfortable and safe in the tutoring environment. All of your tutors have received
updated safeguarding training and are there to support you
If you are concerned and uncomfortable with any situation that you find yourself in.
Please remember that your tutor is there to support and help you
You should trust your tutor to :
• Listen to your concerns carefully and calmly without comment or judgement
• Be understanding and reassuring
• Offer support
• Reassure you that you are quite right to share your concerns with them
Your tutor can not promise confidentially and will talk to your parents about your concerns if they
feel that it is appropriate to do so.
They will record the facts in your own words and will pass them onto the nominated safeguarding
lead who will be able to support you and will help to find the best solution to your concerns.
If a tutor is concerned about your wellbeing
They may raise their concern with your parents/carers if appropriate and involve other people to
help you if they think it is needed.
Please just remember that all of your tutors are there to support you and want to help you thrive
both academically and socially.
Your welfare is our concern.
The Designated Safe Guarding Lead is Claire Meadows-Smith who can be contacted on or 0774 703 7441


Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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