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At The Community Schools we have expanded our services from the Core Subjects and last year we introduced Computer Science. This year we are delighted to be able to offer small group tuition in Psychology at GCSE and A Level, and I am very pleased to welcome Louisa Rogers to the team. Louisa has been teaching Psychology for over 9 years in both state and private sector, most recently spending four years teaching A-level Psychology and Sociology at Royal Hospital School in Suffolk.

Louisa also regularly examines for Edexcel and has previously examined for AQA, so has a good insight into exam technique for students as the impending exam season approaches. Louisa has also tutored a number of students independently and really enjoys working with small groups to help share the knowledge techniques in improving an understanding of the many aspects of Psychology.

I asked Louisa to explain how small group tuition through The Community Schools will be able to help students with their studies. Here’s what she said.

Psychology is a fascinating subject incorporating a wide range of concepts. Students who take it may naturally be good at science and especially biology, or maths, but then they may struggle with the essay writing side of the course.

Psychology incorporates elements of Maths, Biology and having the ability to write a synoptic essay and analyse theory and research. During a small group tutoring session the tutor is able to focus on explaining the theory and concepts on a one to one basis which helps students grasp the essential concepts and as a result grades increase.

What is lovely about teaching psychology is that if a student enjoys the subject and can gain the core concepts they can do very well in the subject if they are willing to work hard.

If you have a child studying Psychology at GCSE or A level in the coming school year and are looking for support, then we can help. We will be offering small group tuition sessions at our Ipswich Learning Centre.

For more information please call 07747 037441 or click here apply online.

Last Updated on November 5, 2020

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