Preparing for your exam resits

Studying for resits

Exam resits. If your exam results weren’t quite what you were hoping for, the decision to resit them, is a tough one. But if you do decide to retake GCSEs or A-levels, here’s how you can make the most of the opportunity second time around.

Why should I resit my exams?

Passing maths and English GCSE is compulsory, so anyone who scored less than four (or an old-style grade ‘C’), will have take exam resits.

It’s up to you whether you want to retake any other GCSE. If you do, you may need to wait until the following summer to do them. You’ll also need to resit the whole exam and not just the parts you didn’t do so well on.

Retaking A-levels might also be a necessity if you’re set on going to university and need particular grades to study a certain subject.

In most cases, your school or college will pay for you to retake the GCSE exams, but double check as some might not and you may have to cover part or all of the costs involved.

Set out a study timetable for your exam resits

As obvious as it sounds – make a note of the exam resit dates. After a long summer it can become a rush going back to school or college. It can also be all too easy to forget about preparing for a resit. And before you know it, exam day has arrived.

With that in mind, having a study timetable can be a great way to prepare and stay focussed. If you’re studying other subjects, or working, then not to worry – you won’t have to spend hours and hours every day revising. The average attention span is just 14 minutes, so studying little and often is probably more effective than a marathon revision session.

Learn from your mistakes before your exam resits

It is possible to pay for a copy of your exam script which will help you to identify where you lost the marks.

However, it is always a good idea to think back. Ask yourself why you think your exams didn’t go to plan the first time round. Try not be complacent about resitting them.  Consider the following –

  • Subject areas – was there an area you struggled with and if so why?
  • Timing – did you spread out the allotted time appropriately or did you rush to finish?
  • Revision – did you revise enough?
  • Distractions – were you distracted by certain events and how can you overcome this?

Deciding to resit an exam shows you’re committed, determined and are prepared to work hard. Whether you need to pass maths or English, or need the right grades for university, keeping your goal in mind will keep you motivated.

Ask for help with exam resits

If you don’t understand something – ask for help. It’s not just your teacher that’s a wealth of knowledge. Friends who successfully passed first time around are also a valuable resource. They may be able to explain an idea or concept in a way that’s easier to understand.

At The Community Schools, we know that people learn in different ways. Whether you join one of our small tutor groups or opt for one-to-one sessions, we’ll tailor lessons to suit you. We can also focus on exam techniques so that you can approach each one with confidence. This will help to give you the greatest opportunity to fulfil your potential.

For more information on how we can help with preparing for exam resits, contact us on 07747 037441, or send us a message and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

Last Updated on December 7, 2021

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