Modern Foreign Languages Resources

Key Stage 2, Pre-GCSE, GCSE & A Level

You can find a wealth of resources to support your child’s learning of languages. These can provide additional language activities and language revision notes to support school led learning. So whether you are looking for help with grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing we have pulled together some resources available online that you may want to explore further.

During Covid 19 many online languages resources have been made free to access or at a reduced fee. This list is not exhaustive, and we’re always keen to hear your recommendations of helpful modern languages resources that we can share with other parents, so please do get in touch.

Huge number of learning resources, for ages 8 – 80 –

Really extensive set of learning resources – French, German, Spanish and Italian, for ages 11 to 18 –

Resources and lessons produced for learning remotely –

Revision sites for exam students

Key Stage 1 French, German, Mandarin and Spanish + Modern Foreign Languages –

Key Stage 2 French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Welsh + Modern Foreign Languages –

Key Stage 3 French, German, Mandarin, Spanish + Modern Foreign Languages and Welsh as a Second Language –

GCSE French, German and Spanish –

GCSE French revision videos –

Enrichment websites

French news site with learning activities, videos and podcasts –

French teacher website with lots of learning resources –

Goethe Institut –

Consejería de España – Primary –

Consejería de España – Secondary –

Subscription Websites

Learning verbs never so fun ! –

Your school may have subscription for this. French, German, Spanish and Italian Learning games and worksheets –

Free access after 4pm –

If you are looking for targeted tuition led by qualified teachers, face to face or online then we’re here to help. Complete the enquiry form via the links below and we’ll get back to you to discuss your child’s needs further.

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