The Community Schools – Ipswich Learning Centre

Kesgrave Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Kesgrave IP5 1JF

Kesgrave learning centre in its fifth year of service

The Community Schools began in Ipswich from September 2013 with just 4 students and 2 maths tutors. The Ipswich centre  was first established at the Basepoint office centre before relocating to the Kesgrave Memorial Community Centre for its second year.

The Kesgrave Community Centre is a natural home for the Community Schools Learning Centre – the local team there look after all our community so well supporting the many activities which enrich the lives of local people. Our young people are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many wonderful opportunities to learn and grow.

By September 2017 the Community Schools Learning Centre had expanded it offering with 11 tutors supporting 38 students having fun whilst they become the best they can be. The sessions take place Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 4.00pm to 8.00pm.

Students enjoy working in the Board room, the Deben room, the Orwell room and the Conference Centre at the Kesgrave Learning Centre.


Our highly successful Grade Booster revision days, that have helped every one of our students ensure they reach and usually exceed their predicted exam grades, take place in the Easter holiday and May half term holiday. These courses fill up quickly and should be booked well in advance.

At the start and end of each year we hold a celebration of student progress and success. These are always lovely occasions and an opportunity to receive well-deserved accolades for achievement from the consistent focused effort we support

All Community Schools tutors are great. They are fully trained vocational teachers living in our community who work to ensure any student who needs a little extra support can find it at the highest benchmark standards, affordably.

The Community Schools tutor team at Kesgrave is made up of:-

Sally teaches English revision

Sally Burtle tutoring Pre GCSE, GCSE, A Level English and English revision

English tutor

Shona Clapson tutoring English GCSE, A Level and revision

Graham Fryatt tutoring GCSE and A level Science

Kathryn teaches science

Kathryn Gerry tutoring Science to pre GCSE, GCSE and chemistry A Level, and Science revision

Claire is the founder and Principla of the Community Schools

Claire Meadows-Smith tutoring Mathematics to pre GCSE, GCSE and A Level, and Mathematics revision

Amanda Minter teaches maths

Amanda Minter tutoring Mathematics at pre GCSE and GCSE, and Mathematics revision

English tutor

David Green tutoring English pre GCSE, GCSE and English revision

Rob Silk tutoring pre GCSE, GCSE, A Level and revision maths

Karen Ward teaches maths

Karen Ward tutoring Mathematics at GCSE and A Level, and Mathematics revision

Louisa Rogers tutoring GCSE and A Level Psychology

Sue is a science teacher

Sue Ryan tutoring Science at pre-GCSE, GCSE and chemistry at A Level, and Science revision

Ginny Turner tutoring Pre GCSE, GCSE and revision Science


June Wright tutoring Key Stage 2 English and Mathematics, and pre-GCSE Mathematics

Juliet teaches English

Juliet Yager tutoring English from Key Stage to to GCSE