Exam Results

Exam results

Delighted to share feedback from some students and parents about their results.

“She was overwhelmed with an A in Maths. It’s amazing, we are so proud of course and also so grateful for your contribution to this achievement. She has been offered a place at Edinburgh –her first choice – so we couldn’t be more delighted. Thank you.”

To receive an email like this, after A level results day, is very special for any tutor. This student was studying MEI Maths A Level and required support to progress beyond a grade C.

The Community Schools tutors are willing all of our students to succeed and to get the good results that they all deserve and have worked so hard for. So it was with some relief, but not surprise, that we learned of our students’ great exam achievements this summer.

“He managed to get a C in Chemistry which we are chuffed with after failing the first year. We feel this is fantastic.”

This appreciative message above was sent by a proud mum who approached us in August 2015, after her son had failed his first year AS Chemistry. He had just been informed by his college that he was not allowed to continue on the course. Luckily, they managed to convince the college to let him move onto his A2 course, on the understanding that he had support in place from The Community Schools. He achieved a fantastic grade C that has enabled him to take a place at Kent University to study Chemistry.

“I am extremely happy with my result! Thank you so much for preparing me.”

Summary of A Level Exam Results so far

Maths                                                                            Next step for this student

Grade A*                                                                      Warwick, Computing Science

Improved grade from C to A                                    Sheffield, Architecture

Improved grade from E to C                                    First choice of University

Improved grade from U to E, AS grade A              Lincoln, Biomedical Sciences

Improved grade from C to A                                   Edinburgh, Architecture

Grade A*

“So I’m very happy with my results overall. Thank you for everything you did to help me! I appreciate it so much.”


Improved grade from U to C                               Kent, Chemistry

Improved grade U to C                                         Frist choice of University

“I just wanted to let you know that he achieved an A grade in his Eng Lit and a B in language. Amazing considering he was only achieving at a D/C. Obviously I put it down to his hard work and your amazing tutor!!”

AS Level Exam Results

Further Maths

Grade A


Improved grade from E to B

Improved grade from U to C

Improved grade from U to C


Improved grade from U to E

“Maths was one of his B’s. We are happy with that as he had been slipping before his tuition to a C.”

GCSE Exam Results

The Community Schools supported students through 53 GCSE exams (a mixture of Maths, English and Science).

100 % of our students achieved at least their target grades.

87 % of our students achieved at least 1 grade higher than their target grade

30 students achieved 1 grade higher than target grade – 57 %

12 students achieved 2 grades higher than target grade – 23 %

4 students achieved 3 grades higher than target grades – 8 %

“I would just like to say thank you so much for all the support and tutoring and making sure I got it!”

And if you would like to talk to us about how we can help with exam revision, or with study skills throughout the year at our weekly small group tuition sessions at centres across Suffolk please contact us. Click here to message us now.

Last Updated on December 7, 2021

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