The Community Schools – Bury St Edmunds Learning Centre

 ASK House, 2 Northgate Ave, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 6BB

Bury St Edmunds was where it all started.  The Community Schools first opened its doors in Sept 2011. At that time we were known as “the Community Maths School” initially with just 4 students being tutored by our founder, Claire Meadows-Smith, on Saturday mornings.

In our second year Claire was joined by Anna Keating-Fedders to facilitate an increase in the age range and the number of maths groups. Only in our third year did we become “the Community Schools” when Helen Smith joined to expand the service to our lovely students to include English. Today, the Community Schools support the aspiring young people in our community with maths, English, science and modern languages throughout their school career.

Today the Community Schools Learning Centre in Bury St Edmunds hosts 20 vocational tutors dedicated to supporting local young people to be the best they can be, affordably. We have the privilege of helping 100 students to have fun and gain confidence whilst they learn and develop their skills in Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, French and German. Our Community Schools students range in age from 8 to 18 studying to A Level and Oxbridge entrance. They all have one thing in common, the desire to have fun whilst learning to be the best they can be.

The Community Schools students love being here –  it is situated right in the middle of town and as they get to our teaching room – The Northgate Suite – they find that walking through the lower lounge with its oak panelled walls and open fire is very much like walking through a Harry Potter film set.

There have been many lovely celebrations of student progress and success. We hold these events at the end and start of the school year which are followed by opportunities to socialise with other students and parents, and the tutors too.

The Community Schools tutoring sessions take place on Monday to Friday evenings 4.00pm to 8.00pm and on Saturdays from 9.00am to 2.00pm. The Bury St Edmunds Learning Centre always has a lovely buzz to it.

The tutoring sessions sometimes have as many as 7 groups of up to four students taking place at any one time. Each student is sure of a warm welcome as they receive the help that they need from the dedicated tutor and the support from fellow students in their group. It is a truly supportive learning environment in which to grow gain confidence and become an outstanding student.

Our highly successful Grade Booster revision days take place in the Easter holiday and May half term holiday.

They have been running since the foundation of the Community Schools with literally hundreds of students each ensuring that they reach, or in most cases exceed, their predicted exam grades. Places fill up quickly and it is wise to book well in advance to ensure that feeling of elation on exam results day.

ASK Centre is centrally placed close to the town centre – with its own car park on site, making it easy for you to drop off/collect your children.

The Community Schools Learning Centre is by local people, for local people, to ensure that every young person who wants a bit of extra help with their studies can enjoy the highest quality tutoring from the best vocational teachers, affordably. The local team at the Bury St Edmunds Learning Centre includes:-

Charlotte Alexander teaches French and German

Charlotte Alexander  tutoring GCSE and A Level French and German

Caroline teaches maths and English

Caroline Basham tutoring English and Mathematics at Key Stage 2

Jenny Davies  Tutoring English and Maths at Key Stage 2 and Maths at pre GCSE

Hilary is a maths tutor

Hilary Dickinson tutoring Mathematics to pre GCSE and GCSE, and Mathematics revision

English tutor

Alistair Ewan tutoring English from Key Stage 2 to a Level

Science tutor

Adrian Fisk tutoring Science at GCSE, A Leval and revision

Katesha teaches Sience

Katesha Harrison tutoring Pre-GCSE Science, GCSE Physics and AS Applied Science

Sue teaches maths

Sue Harrison tutoring English and Mathematics at Key Stage 2, and Mathematics to pre GCSE and GCSE

Anna is a maths tutor

Anna Keating-Fedders tutoring Mathematics to pre GCSE and GCSE, and Mathematics revision

Jo teaches English

Jo Marsh tutoring English to pre GCSE, GCSE and A level, and English revision

Claire is the founder and Principla of the Community Schools

Claire Meadows-Smith tutoring Mathematics to pre-GCSE, GCSE and A Level, and Mathematics revision

Maths tutor

Phillip Pitt tutoring Maths GCSE, A Level and revision

computer science

Dan Pipe tutoring Computer Science to GCSE, and Computer Science revision

Angela Rossi tutoring Science to A Level and Science revision

Vincent teaches science

Vincent Scholier tutoring Science to GCSE and Chemistry to A Level, and Science revision

Helen teaches English

Helen Smith tutoring English to Key Stage 2, pre GCSE and GCSE, and English revision

Gil Turner tutoring Mathematics to pre GCSE and GCSE, and Mathematics revision

Andy teaches Science

Andy Watts tutoring GCSE and A Level  Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Sally is one of our maths tutors

Sally Wooldridge tutoring Mathematics to pre GCSE, GCSE and A Level, and Mathematics revision

Juliet teaches English

Juliet Yager tutoring English from Key Stage to to GCSE

tony germany maths tutor

Tony Germany tutoring Mathematics to pre-GCSE and GCSE, and Mathematics revision.

Louise Kendrick tutoring GCSE Spanish.

key stage 2 english and maths tutor

Jo Putt tutoring Key Stage 2 English and Maths