Back to School – How Tutoring Can Help

school tutoring during covid

How online and face to face back to school tutoring can support your child now schools have reopened

With children engaged in home education for almost a year, none of us can say for certain what the effect of missing so much learning in a formal educational setting will be.

For parents worried about the consequences, The Community Schools has put in place a robust and comprehensive online tutoring programme. Here’s how enrolling in sessions can support your child when schools reopen.

Regain confidence

Confidence is a huge part of learning at school. But after months of missing friends, peers and formal teaching, it’s natural that some of that confidence will be lost.

Our tutoring sessions can help rebuild that confidence in stages by encouraging children to get back into the habit of asking questions, volunteering information and linking ideas.

Expertise from classroom experienced teachers

All our teachers have classroom experience with many of us still working in education. This gives our tutors a genuine understanding of the issues and difficulties that students face if they’re struggling with a subject.

Our experience doesn’t just help us address students’ academic needs, we’re able to provide a supportive and motivating environment that will encourage their learning and development.

Reinforce school syllabus

Now that children have started back at school, our online support can help reinforce the topics they cover in lessons. Reviewing what’s being taught at schools enables children to learn at their own pace as they learn to adjust back into formal education.

Our qualified tutors can also provide the expertise needed to quickly identify and plug knowledge gaps.

One to one support

Most importantly, we can offer one to one support. This committed approach has multiple benefits, helping your child rebuild confidence and re-develop good learning habits. Focused support also means lessons can be tailored to suit individual learning styles.

Individual support provides a more relaxed environment. This can encourage children to ask questions that they might not be comfortable asking in a larger peer group. There’s also the opportunity to give more feedback as tutors are focused on your child and can provide the encouragement they need to thrive.

Support for parents

It’s been a tough time for parents as well as students, but dedicated tutoring can take the pressure off everyone. Knowing that your child has the support they need as they re-enter the classroom can help make that transition as smooth as possible.

We cover a range of subjects from key stage two all the way up to A-levels so no matter what level your child is at, our tutors have the skills to help.

Online Back to school Tutoring Options

We offer a variety of support packages so that your child can get the tuition they need in a way that suits them. Choose from dedicated one to one support; shared tutoring; or our online classroom which follows your child’s current school syllabus.

Face to Face Back to school Tutoring Options

From Monday 12th April we will be resuming our face to face tutoring sessions, subject to current Government Guidance, and with Covid Safe Measures in place. Our face to face tutoring will be available as follows:

Bury St Edmunds Learning Centre – Week days (4.00pm to 8.30pm) and Saturday mornings 9.30-12.30

Ipswich Learning Centre –Thursdays (4.00pm to 7.00pm)

Stowmarket Learning Centre –Wednesdays (6.00pm to 8.00pm)

Helping every child reach their potential

To find out more about the online back to school tutoring programmes available, take a look at the courses we have on offer. You can also find out how we’re supporting local schools in helping their students reach their full potential in addition to feedback from some of our wonderful students and parents.

For details, you can call us on 07747 037441 or email us at:

Last Updated on December 7, 2021

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