Exam Results

Exam results

Delighted to share feedback from some students and parents about their results.

“She was overwhelmed with an A in Maths. It’s amazing, we are so proud of course and also so grateful for your contribution to this achievement. She has been offered a place at Edinburgh –her first choice – so we couldn’t be more delighted. Thank you.”

To receive an email like this, after A level results day, is very special for any tutor. This student was studying MEI Maths A Level and required support to progress beyond a grade C.

The Community Schools tutors are willing all of our students to succeed and to get the good results that they all deserve and have worked so hard for. So it was with some relief, but not surprise, that we learned of our students’ great exam achievements this summer.

“He managed to get a C in Chemistry which we are chuffed with after failing the first year. We feel this is fantastic.”

This appreciative message above was sent by a proud mum who approached us in August 2015, after her son had failed his first year AS Chemistry. He had just been informed by his college that he was not allowed to continue on the course. Luckily, they managed to convince the college to let him move onto his A2 course, on the understanding that he had support in place from The Community Schools. He achieved a fantastic grade C that has enabled him to take a place at Kent University to study Chemistry.

“I am extremely happy with my result! Thank you so much for preparing me.”

Summary of A Level Exam Results so far

Maths                                                                            Next step for this student

Grade A*                                                                      Warwick, Computing Science

Improved grade from C to A                                    Sheffield, Architecture

Improved grade from E to C                                    First choice of University

Improved grade from U to E, AS grade A              Lincoln, Biomedical Sciences

Improved grade from C to A                                   Edinburgh, Architecture

Grade A*

“So I’m very happy with my results overall. Thank you for everything you did to help me! I appreciate it so much.”


Improved grade from U to C                               Kent, Chemistry

Improved grade U to C                                         Frist choice of University

“I just wanted to let you know that he achieved an A grade in his Eng Lit and a B in language. Amazing considering he was only achieving at a D/C. Obviously I put it down to his hard work and your amazing tutor!!”

AS Level Exam Results

Further Maths

Grade A


Improved grade from E to B

Improved grade from U to C

Improved grade from U to C


Improved grade from U to E

“Maths was one of his B’s. We are happy with that as he had been slipping before his tuition to a C.”

GCSE Exam Results

The Community Schools supported students through 53 GCSE exams (a mixture of Maths, English and Science).

100 % of our students achieved at least their target grades.

87 % of our students achieved at least 1 grade higher than their target grade

30 students achieved 1 grade higher than target grade – 57 %

12 students achieved 2 grades higher than target grade – 23 %

4 students achieved 3 grades higher than target grades – 8 %

“I would just like to say thank you so much for all the support and tutoring and making sure I got it!”

And if you would like to talk to us about how we can help with exam revision, or with study skills throughout the year at our weekly small group tuition sessions at centres across Suffolk please contact us. Click here to message us now.

Summer Exam Pressure?

student studying ahead of summer GCSE and A level exams

We can help you and your children to sail through them!

It’s that time of year when teenagers around the world are complaining about exam pressure. Perhaps you are feeling anxious too? These days such a lot rides on getting the best GCSE exam results, particularly in Maths and English, which are seen as essential subjects by every College, University or employer.

Parents, when you look back to when you sat your own exams at GCSE or O level, do you recall sailing through them, full of confidence and focus? Didn’t think so! Sometimes our own lack of confidence in a subject can seep through to our own child’s mind set; then they start their GCSE studies with a negative perception about a particular subject because we constantly tell them we “hated” Maths, Science or English. Ever heard of the saying “A still tongue keeps a wise head?” Now’s the time for parents to keep schtum about our own dislikes – even better if we can cultivate a healthy interest in exploring the subject anew and then we can share “Did you know….” factoids!

Often disappointing exam grades are not about lack of knowledge or ability, they are simply a reflection of inexperience in revision planning. A common mishap is leaving it too late so you’re simply “cramming” or not able to focus enough on every topic. At other times lower than expected grades can reflect lack of knowledge of exam techniques, such as not knowing quite where to start or how to structure your exam time, which in turn leads to vital time being wasted when you first turn over that exam paper (remember that “bunny in headlights” feeling?!).

So if you ever failed an important exam, or didn’t do as well as expected, the good news is that you’re living proof that it’s by no means an insurmountable catastrophe in life (and “perspective” is a very important contribution when supporting someone who is feeling pressured!). You’ll be well equipped to empathise, because you’ll know we all want to make our parents proud of us (even if we will never admit it!).

Apart from offering a sensitive listening ear, what else can you do to help your child get through exam time without them feeling too much under pressure? The very best solution is to give them the best start to their GCSE studies, with Private Tuition in Suffolk.

How the Community Schools can help

We run weekly after school and Saturday classes in Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket and Thetford. Our tutoring style, in friendly and informal small groups, allows ample time for each student to learn at their own pace and in their preferred style, with plenty of interaction with the tutor to clarify specific learning points.

We also run Easter Revision Grade Booster sessions. Visit our events page for details of upcoming events.

And if you would like to talk to us about how we can help with exam revision, or with study skills throughout the year at our weekly small group tuition sessions at centres across Suffolk please contact us. Click here to message us now.

Reflections on Results 2015- (so far !)

‘Well Claire I always tell you not to worry on results day because you’re a great teacher! Got an A in mechanics and I didn’t even think it went very well. I got 90 out of 90 in the chemistry exam !!!!!’

A text like this, received from a student, is so very special. On results day, even the tutors at The Community Schools have a nail biting wait and we hope that the students will get the good results that they have worked hard for and so deserve. It was a relief, but not a surprise, when we learned that all our students did well and achieved the necessary grades for their next stages.

The student who thoughtfully sent that text started learning with The Community Schools towards the end of his year 11, having been told by his high school that he wouldn’t get grade B in GCSE Maths and was therefore “not good enough”to start A Level Maths. After tutoring him for part of the year, we were delighted when he achieved a grade A in his GCSE and even more so this year with his grade B in Maths A2. In October he will take up a place on a Chemical Engineering Degree course at Nottingham University.

Another of our students came to The Community Schools for just 5 sessions this year, for support with A level English Language. Unfortunately, he had missed his university place by one grade last year and has spent the year working in a restaurant whilst studying on his own to improve his English grade. He found that just a little extra support from us improved his English Language grade and this will enable him to start a History Degree course at UEA in October.

Despite beginning with a U grade in AS Maths, another of our students has successfully gained the A level grades he needs for his first choice of Computing Science at Nottingham University.

Another of our students, who unfortunately failed to get the grades she needed last year, joined The Community Schools for just 2 A level revision sessions to help her improve her Maths A Level grade. She missed grade A by just 1 mark out of 600. Does that make her a grade B Mathematician? In theory, yes, but in her understanding and confidence I saw a top class Mathematician who has the skills to achieve much in the future. Fortunately, she also improved her Chemistry grade and is now starting the next stage ofa Biomedical Sciences Degree course at the University of York in October.

Good grades are always satisfying news, but we’re also thrilled by the progress made by each student at The Community Schools. It is satisfying for tutors to see them gain a sound understanding of the core skills, improving theirresilience and confidence, and applying that knowledge to exam questions. Students can choose either one-to-one study or working in small groups (no more than three per class) and it has been delightful to see the students in class make new friendships with students from different schools and to be able to support each other,learning to work as part of a team.

Great exam results are not the whole picture, however important they are. Results are simply a snap shot of how that student has achieved under exam conditions in that moment in time. They do not always give a true indication of ability or potential to succeed. It may be that you have been disappointed in your results this year but you may like to take comfort from the following: Richard Branson (Chairman of Virgin) left school at 16.

Winston Churchill (former Prime Minister during WW2) failed at school and failed his entrance exams to Royal Military College.

Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder) dropped out of university.

Many of today’s most successful people have experienced disappointing exam results after traditional school classes. It did not deter them from their career goals and was merely the starting point on a different path to learning which, ultimately, worked better for them. The main thing is to never give up on your ability to learn. You just need to find the right tutors who understand how you learn best.

And if you would like to talk to us about how we can help with exam revision, or with study skills throughout the year at our weekly small group tuition sessions at centres across Suffolk please contact us. Click here to message us now.