Science tutor and his students

At the Community Schools the science teaching is structured around each student’s needs. It aims to explore the key skills, concepts and ideas needed to develop an understanding and love of science. We specialise in helping students to gain confidence in their own ability. 

For our younger students, the three sciences can be combined. 

Our GCSE Science teaching is usually separated into the three sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our support runs alongside the Science courses delivered in school. It helps those who have struggled with basic skills to catch up and thrive. It also helps those needing a top grade to stretch themselves and achieve their full potential. 

Our Science tutors use videos, software and practical experiments in their teaching.

The students aiming at for the very top grades at both GCSE and A Level enjoy the rigour and the challenge that our experienced teachers can provide. They appreciate the expert revision and examination advice that is part of the tutoring.

We can offer tutoring in the three subjects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.