Juliet Yager

Juliet teaches English


Juliet is an English teacher at Copleston High School in Ipswich. From the age of eighteen she has taught English as a Foreign Language in Italy and Slovenia during the summer months. After completing her Masters at The University of Oxford, she decided that she wanted to teach English Language and Literature further afield. Her knowledge of English Language and Linguistics has enabled her to teach English at all levels; she enjoys teaching core literacy skills to younger children, but also relishes the complexity of English at GCSE and beyond. Juliet believes that every child is an individual, and adopts a holistic approach when tutoring. She not only encourages the child's academic skills, but also encourages their independent learning skills and overall confidence.


English Language and English Literature, Key Stage 2, pre-GCSE and GCSE


BA (Hons) English Language (Linguistics) - University of Kent MSc Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition - University of Oxford PGCE - Northumbria University