Modern Languages A-Level Tutoring (French, German, Spanish)

Modern Languages A Level Tuition (French, German)

| Maximum group size of 3 students |

The jump from GCSE to A Level is significant. Students are expected to engage more actively in private study, while dealing with far more complex subject matter. It is demanding for anyone.

The Community Modern Languages  School offers tuition that runs alongside the A level course delivered in school. It helps those who struggle to grasp the concepts quickly enabling them to thrive. It also helps those needing a top grade to stretch themselves and achieve their full potential.

A Level Modern Languages Tuition

The Community Modern Languages School specialises in helping students to understand and gain confidence in the complex concepts needed for A Level study. We are able to offer tuition in French, Spanish and German.

Key Points

  • The teaching is structured around each student’s needs
  • No “death by worksheet” or “over-reliance” on software
  • Tuition includes French, German
  • Designed to build up student’s understanding & increase their confidence
  • It will be delivered in blocks of 10 sessions
  • Each session lasts 75mins