Modern Languages GCSE Tutoring

Modern Languages GCSE Tuition

(French & German)

| Maximum group size of 4 students |

The GCSE course is a weekly class that runs alongside the GCSE course delivered in school. It helps those who have struggled with basic skills catch up and thrive. It helps those needing a top grade to stretch themselves and achieve their full potential.

GCSE Modern Languages Tuition

We aim to develop the students’ oral, listening and writing skills and to build greater understanding of the languages. The Community Modern Language School specialises in helping students to gain confidence in their own ability.

Both French and German tuition are available.

Key Points

  • The teaching is structured around each student’s needs
  • No “death by worksheet” or “over-reliance” on software
  • Courses are practical, fun and effective
  • Designed to build up student’s understanding & increase their confidence
  • A focus on improving improving oral, listening and writing skills
  • It will be delivered in blocks of 10 sessions
  • Each session lasts 75mins