English Key Stage 2 Tutoring

English Key Stage 2 Tuition

| Maximum group size of 4 students |

How a child views their ability in English in their primary school years will influence their feelings towards it for the rest of their life.

If children lack confidence in English early on, they will continue to struggle into secondary school and later life.

Key Stage 2 English Tuition

At The Community English school we want to intervene at the earliest stage possible, to boost your child’s confidence in English so that it becomes a subject to enjoy rather than to dread.

Key Points

  • The teaching is structured around each student’s needs
  • No “death by worksheet” or “over-reliance” on software
  • Courses are practical, fun and effective
  • Designed to build up student’s understanding & increase their confidence
  • A focus on improving comprehension skills
  • It will be delivered in blocks of 10 sessions
  • Each session lasts 75mins