Computer Science GCSE Tutoring

Computer Science GCSE Tuition

| Maximum group size of 4 students |

The GCSE course is a weekly class that runs alongside the GCSE  course delivered in school. It helps those who have struggled with basic skills catch up and thrive. It helps those needing a top grade to stretch themselves and achieve their full potential.

GCSE Computer Science Tuition

The Community Computer Science School specialises in helping students to gain confidence. The GCSE course is for those needing extra support to realise their potential and achiev the grades they need.

The teaching will be structured around each student’s needs.

Key Points

  • The teaching is structured around each student’s needs
  • No “death by worksheet”
  • Courses are practical, fun and effective
  • Designed to build up student’s confidence and problem solving skills
  • A focus on building up student’s understanding of the concept and exam skills
  • It will be delivered in blocks of 10 sessions
  • Each session lasts 75mins


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